Are you having trouble communicating with your partner?

Do you feel as though you and your spouse
are growing apart?

Have either you or your partner thought of separating
because you can no longer connect?

These feelings are more common than most people realize, and there is more that can be done to help than most people know about.  The theory and methodology I use is called Imago Relationship Therapy .  The goal of this work is to help a couple reconnect with each other.  The means to making this connection is called “the intentional dialog” and it’s a tool I will show you how to do so that you can do this on your own.

To say that your relationship is my “client” is abstract but it’s actually true.  That is, while I will do my best to understand and connect with each one of you, my real goal will always be to help you connect with each other. 

It’s not entirely clear whether this connection happens first and then deeper understanding follows, or whether through understanding yourselves and each other better you are led to deeper connection.  All that matters is that you do connect, because your connection is the therapy, what actually causes the healing to occur.

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