Is your child having temper tantrums?

Is your child having a hard time falling asleep at night?

Does your child have trouble making friends?

Do you have a child with special developmental challenges?

Seeing your child struggle or suffer is one of the hardest things a parent can face.  Knowing what is “normal” and when your child may need some outside help is also a difficult judgment call.  Not every problem a child has requires therapy, but some do, and when that happens here’s how I try to help.

There are a few different levels my work with children involves.  The most basic level, and perhaps the most important level, is simply an energetic one:  the child plays and I play with them.  It is, for the child, a relatively rare experience to be able to play with an adult who has no expectations of him or her.  I am not a teacher or a parent or a relative.  

I am simply this unusual stranger who provides them with toys, a playroom, and a safe space to express themselves.  The methods I use are art therapy, play therapy, and sand tray therapy.

The next level, and a more important level for an older child, is the cognitive level.  At this level I help the child understand the different feelings that are being experienced, through questions, through giving a name to the experience, through helping the child know how a feeling such as anger is felt in the body.  This gives the child an opportunity to have a “dry run” of the emotion in my office, where it is usually simply at the level of play, and to develop the muscle or capacity to deal with that emotion in a different way before experiencing it again in the outside world.

A very important component of my work with children involves my work with the parents.  From providing me with information about what the child to discussing ways to help your child.

In all of my work with parents and children, I operate from the assumption that the parents are loving; and doing the best they can for their children, but like all parents they occasionally need the help from an outside elder or mentor who has professional knowledge about child development.

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